Hammermill Makes Your Work Look Better

If you care about your work, you want it to look its best, and that means crisp, clear printing with vivid colors. Hammermill paper is scientifically designed to make your work look fantastic.

Enhances Inkjet Printing to Almost Laser-like Quality

No matter what kind of project you are working on, from homework assignments to boardroom presentations, Hammermill designs paper that delivers stunning print quality from both inkjet and laser printers alike. We harness the technology of laser printing by creating a super-smooth paper with vivid brightness to make all your documents and images pop.

One of the technologies behind great looking printing is ColorLok. ColorLok technology produces more vivid colors, bolder blacks, and superior printing results. Many Hammermill papers contain Colorlok technology that enhances inkjet printing to almost laser-like quality.

What is ColorLok?

To understand ColorLok it helps to know the difference between ink and pigment. Ink is the vehicle that carries the pigment. Pigment is the actual colorant, the thing that gives an ink its color.

Normal Paper Without ColorLok

Without ColorLok, ordinary paper acts kind of like a sponge, absorbing black and color pigments deep into the porous paper and away from the surface, thereby reducing optical density. The result? Flatter colors, blurred edges, and a duller image.

Paper With ColorLok

For papers with ColorLok technology, an additive is put into the paper when it is being made to “lock” pigments at the surface.

The special engineering of ColorLok holds the pigment close to the surface while causing the water in the ink to absorb more deeply into the paper, which causes it to dry faster. The result is printing that has stronger color, crisper edges, and looks better

How it Works

The ColorLok additive is incorporated into the paper during the paper-making process and produces an interaction with the pigment in the ink. This helps to hold the colorant (the pigment) near the surface of the paper, while the water of the ink absorbs deep into the paper fibers. What results is a highly-absorptive and fast-drying product.

ColorLok Technology is the new standard for better print quality. Paper that’s qualified with the ColorLok logo is able to produce the best possible digital prints. The ColorLok standard of performance is for plain-paper output with inkjet and laser printers, as well as common copy machines. That's why ColorLok papers provide consistent and reliable results regardless of which machine is used for printing.

The Environmental Benefits

Removing the ink from the paper is a key step in the recycling process. Papers with ColorLok® Technology are easier to recycle since the ink stays on the surface of the paper. ColorLok Technology also allows you to buy recycled plain papers without compromising quality, delivering the same excellent print quality as papers with no recycled content.

As you can see, we put a lot of careful thought and science into our products. We care about what goes into our paper, so you can care about what goes on it.