Brochure Worksheet
and Checklist

Plan and create an effective brochure that gets your audiences to act.


A good brochure can work hard for your business. Careful planning can have a big impact on the results, ensuring your brochure appeals to the right people. Our Planning Worksheet and Checklist help make the process easier.

Our Brochure Planning Worksheet and Checklist Will Help You:

  • Make sure your messaging is on track to reach your audience
  • Organize your information for maximum impact
  • Spur your audience to action

For More
Check out our blog post below:

Top Tips for Creating a Brochure

Remember to print important work materials on high-quality paper such as Hammermill® Color Copy Digital, 28lb. printer paper.

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Brochure Worksheet and Checklist


Brochure Planning Worksheet and Checklist