Rainy Day Emergency Kit

Don’t let a rainy day spoil your fun. You can make creative and fun activities with a few supplies and a little imagination.

Below is a list of fun activities you can do with paper. You can print and download selected activities or download everything at once.

Finger Puppetsdownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Print out our finger puppet templates, color them in, cut them out, tape them together and play!


Want to know what the future holds? Who doesn’t? Here’s a simple way to find out, using a simple sheet of paper. Print out our template, fold it up and start asking questions.

Paper Airplanesdownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Turn your living room into an airport without having to pack! Here are a few easy designs for folding paper airplanes. See whose can fly the farthest or stay in the air the longest.

Monster Huntdownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Every house has a few monsters. Some live in dark closets, while others live in the freezer, the basement or the washing machine. Sometimes it helps to know who they are, what they look like and where they live. Once you get to know them, monsters can be your friends!


Origami is an art form that comes to us from Japan. There is an astonishing variety of things that can be made by simply folding paper. Here are a few origami basics to get you started.

Paper Hatsdownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Want to be king or queen of your castle for the day? Looking to wave your wand and grant magical powers? Here are a couple of helpful guides to making the proper attire for your afternoon adventures.


Nothing beats boredom like a good game. Paper football is easy and fun yet fairly harmless, so you won’t need a helmet.


Paper snowflakes are fun to make and look at all year round. Here is a simple way to get started. Once you get the hang of it, see how many different kinds you can make! After all, no two snowflakes are alike.

Paper Fansdownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Here’s a simple, fun idea that can take a million different forms.


Mobiles are fun and fairly easy to make. They can be anything you like: the galaxy, springtime flowers and even a world under the sea.

The Monster Animal Letter Gamedownload-icon-rainyday-emer

Create your own alphabet book using The Monster Animal Letter Game. Pick a letter. List all the monsters or animals whose names start with that letter. Then make a story and picture for each letter of the alphabet.


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