Why Choose Hammermill?

Hammermill™ paper is a responsible choice. All Hammermill paper comes from sustainable managed-growth forests, even our post-consumer (recycled) products. We have a long history of doing the right thing for the planet. Choosing Hammermill paper for your company, home, school, or printing business ensures that the paper you use is sustainably produced.

By Choosing Hammermill:

  • You are making sure that your paper is produced responsibly.
  • You’re making the sustainable choice for your company and the planet.
  • You’re NOT contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.

Why is Hammermill a Responsible Choice?

Paper comes from renewable resources—trees. But not all paper comes from responsibly managed forests, and that makes a HUGE difference!

  • Sustainable managed-growth forests invest in planting multiple new trees to replace the trees used for making paper.
  • Responsibly sourced pulp does NOT contribute to the destruction of more of the world’s forests.
  • Managed-growth forests stay economically viable; the forest owners don’t have to sell their land to developers to make money. We keep our forests alive and healthy!

Sourcing pulp from sustainable managed-growth forests keeps the forests healthy and growing, protecting our planet in the present while guaranteeing resources for the future.

When You Buy Paper, Look for the Logos.

There are easy ways to see if the paper you are buying is sustainably produced. One way is to always buy Hammermill paper! Another is to check for the logos. Third-party certification signifies a commitment by landowners, manufacturers, printers and others in the supply chain to use only wood fiber from forests that are being responsibly managed.

What is SFI®?
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What is FSC®?
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