How Paper is Being Used to Make a Difference

20 cents worth of materials can help save lives by being used to identify life-threatening diseases. Remarkably, the same materials that can be used to make a paper version of a centrifuge are everyday items you can find around your house — paper, string, and plastic. Who would’ve thought that you could use paper in such a life-saving way?

Tips for Making a Good First Impression

Get tips for making a good first impression. Learn how body language, overall appearance and verbal communication are important factors in the impression you make when meeting someone.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you for all that you do, teachers! You deserve to be recognized and honored for all of your hard work, patience, and the encouragement you show students.

DIY Wedding Decorating Tips

Anyone who wants to share important memories can learn how to create a DIY yearbook page or postcard customized to capture the people and events that matter the most.

Earth Day: Beautiful and Sustainable Forests

Forests provide us with natural beauty and many more benefits. They supply us with wood fiber for producing paper, and in return, we help replenish them by supporting sustainable forestry management and practices.
Sustainable Forests