5 Tips on How to Decorate for a Baby Shower


Congratulate parents-to-be by putting on a memorable baby shower. How do you make a baby shower memorable? By ensuring you have fun and pretty decorations that fit a theme. Make decorating for a baby shower easy by reading our 5 tips below.

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Choose the Right Decoration Colors

Not revealing the gender? No worries! These days, any color can be used for either a boy or girl. If you would like to go with a color that is considered neutral for babies, you can always decorate with yellow. The parents’ style can be reflected in the shower decorations. If their style is artsy, go bold and use bright colors, or interesting patterns. Are they more traditional? Use classic imagery like ducklings and decorate with soft blues and light pinks. You can create fun decorations that wow baby shower guests whether you go traditional or more bold.

Get Creative with Your Theme

Classic streamers and balloons are great, but you can get more creative with your decorations by choosing a fun theme. An animal safari or a bird and nest theme are great options. For an animal safari theme, choose decorations featuring jungle animals and animal patterns. A bird and nest theme can add a fun element to a baby shower. You can hang bird decorations from the ceiling, and make nests to use as table centerpieces. Place eggs painted with fun colors or designs in the middle of the nests. Make sure you keep your theme consistent with all of your decorations to help ensure everything is cohesive.

Tie Your Baby Shower Games in with Your Theme

You may not be able to tie every game you want guests to play in with your theme. Try having at least one game that’s tied into your theme. For instance, if you did a safari theme, you could have a game where guests each get a card with animals in one column, and the length of each animals’ pregnancy in another column. The guest who has the most correct matches at the end of the allotted time, wins.

For a bird and nest theme, you could create a measuring tape for each guest by using a ribbon, and bird cut out of thick paper. Have guests take a guess at how big the soon-to-be mom’s belly is by having them pin their bird with a clothespin to the spot that shows their guess for the length of the mom’s belly.

Use Paper to Create Your Decorations

Paper is a low cost material that can easily be used to make decorations. Use paper to make flowers that can be attached to the wall, or placed in vases as centerpieces. Make a personalized banner by cutting out triangles of paper that spell out congrats and the mother’s name. Attach the triangles to a long piece of string and hang the banner across a wall, over a fireplace, or across a doorway. Paper is easy to work with, and the decorations could even be recycled after the baby shower.

Decorate the Day Before the Baby Shower

It is never fun when you have to rush last minute to get everything ready for a party. Don’t let yourself get stressed out right before the baby shower, and decorate the day before. This way, you will be able to get everything set up, and also have time to run to the store to get anything you might have forgotten.

We hope our baby shower decorating tips have inspired you. You can find Baby Shower Decoration Templates here. We recommend using Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover 100 lb. printer paper for printing our Baby Shower Decoration Templates.

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