5 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website


A website is a critical component of any company’s marketing efforts. It is a first introduction to your customers, future employees and potential partners. Long before they meet your team in person, they have checked out your website to get a sense of who you are and how you operate.

To help you optimize your website, we have put together a short list of five tips to help you make the most of your site.

1. Determine What Content You Need

While your company may or may not have advanced e-commerce and product-related content, most websites share a few key content elements. These include sections like “About Us,” “Products” and “Company News.” Our guide on the Elements of a Website will help you determine what categories you will need and what content you have to offer.

2. Identify the Story Your Website Will Tell

Understanding what content is available is only the first step to an optimal website. The next, and perhaps more important, step is Envisioning Your Website Story. We've created a worksheet to help you write a narrative for your website.

3. Create an Editorial Calendar 

Our helpful Editorial Calendar can help you organize the editorial process by laying out the coming year’s content milestones and key marketing opportunities, as well as assign specific team members to research and write necessary content.

4. Ensure Your Site is On-Brand

We provide a few Best Practices for Website Content to help you make the editorial and creative decisions that will help you create a website that truly captures the essence of your company. It includes time-tested advice like “Keep it Simple”and “Make it Visual” and recommendations on ways to regularly review and update content as needed.

5. Envisioning Your Website: Voice, Look, and Feel

Align the voice, look and feel of your website with your brand personality. We've put together some tips to help you make sure your website reflects the personality of your brand.

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