Advice for Teachers Planning for Summer Break


Summertime is often a chance for teachers to take a break and get to relax without having to worry about the classroom. To plan the best summer, you have to decide what kind of break you would like to have. Are you looking for an adventurous break exploring new places, or maybe a relaxing vacation where you can drink a piña colada on the beach. Read below for advice to help teachers plan a great summer break.

Summer break is the perfect time for teachers to travel, and choosing a beach destination or exploring a new city are great options. If you’ve been daydreaming about relaxing in a hammock, it’s probably not time to go on a backpacking trip through Europe. The best plan would be to stay at a resort, or rent a beach house where you could catch up on non-required reading while relaxing in the sun. If an adventure sounds like fun, then a trip to a new city or country might be the best choice. Camping and hiking at a national park is a wonderful way to explore and still be able to relax while out in nature.

For times when big vacation plans aren’t possible, there are always relaxing and adventurous options closer to home. Need time to relax? Visit a spa and treat yourself to a massage, manicure, or both. If you’re looking for a more adventurous option, then plan to visit a city, or a nature park closer to you. If getting into nature is a priority for you, then exploring and appreciating a forest might just be what you need. You will be surprised to learn what’s within driving distance that you have yet to explore.

Sometimes, a staycation is needed where you stay at home, relax or take care of projects around the house. A staycation is also a great way to get out in your local community. Volunteer, check out local museums, or be a foodie and taste what your local restaurant scene has to offer. Your local community calendar is a great resource for finding out what events are coming up near you. Staycations are great when you need to relax and would like to explore or get involved in your local community.

Whether you’re feeling adventurous, or could use some relaxation, there are summer break options for every teacher. We hope our advice helps you plan your greatest summer break yet. Enjoy your summer and be sure to check out our other resources for teachers in our school archive.