Back-to-School Tips for Parents


Back-to-school time can be difficult for not only kids, but also parents. The transition from summer fun to the new school year can be stressful, with back-to-school shopping and a need for a new routine. To help make the transition go more smoothly, we’ve compiled our top tips for back-to-school.

Create a Routine

During summer break, kids can become accustomed to late bedtimes, more sleepovers and time in front of the TV. To help with the structure of the approaching school year, you can help kids get back to the sleep schedule they’ll need. Start having the kids go to bed earlier two weeks before school starts. That way, they can begin to adjust for the back-to-school bedtime routine.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Having the house organized and cleaned can help reduce clutter, allowing you and the kids to focus on preparing for the upcoming school year. The week before school starts, put away the pool and beach toys, and help the kids move into the back-to-school season. Organize school supplies and lay them out to help give a visual reminder of the upcoming transition.

Start a Reading Time

If you don’t already have an established reading time, start before the new school year begins. This way, you can change the time for reading, to homework time. Kids can find it difficult to go from constant play-time to a more structured schedule. Establishing a time slot for homework now can help make the adjustment easier for them.

Prepare a Study Area

Pick a quiet spot in the house away from the TV. Set up a desk, chair, and an organizer with drawers stocked with school supplies. By having everything in one place, kids can focus on school work without having to get up to find supplies and avoid distractions.

Plan Back-to-School Shopping

Shopping for new school supplies and clothes can be a way for kids to get excited about the new school year. Create lists, or download a back-to-school shopping checklist. You can save yourself time and money by planning out your purchases. You can donate any old clothing the kids have grown out of to charity.

We hope these tips will help you and your family plan for a smooth transition back-to-school. Make sure you have the right paper for back-to-school. Whether it’s color printer paper for birthday invitations, or presentation-quality printer paper for school reports, find out what types are best for your printing needs here.

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