Back-to-School Tips and Resources for Teachers


Getting ready for the school year ahead can be stressful for teachers. Preparation takes time and effort. To help make the transition less stressful, we’ve compiled our top tips and resources to help make back-to-school easier for teachers.

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Put Together a List of Supplies

Creating a list of supplies you’ll need will help you feel better prepared before you head back to the classroom. Stock up on the items you frequently run out of, like pencils and paper. If you are just starting out as a teacher, talk to some of the other teachers at your school to find out what items they recommend stocking up on. Cross-referencing a pre-defined list of essentials online can help you check to make sure you’re not forgetting any important items for the school year ahead.

Start Planning Your Curriculum

Start by defining academic goals for your classroom. Based on your goals, decide what lesson plans and materials you will need to help you accomplish your defined goals. Our Lesson Plan Templates will help you determine a clear objective, strategy and process for your teaching. Decide early on how you will evaluate student learning, and then begin scheduling assignments and exams for the year.

Need help with your curriculum? We have a Paper is Power™ curriculum kit for elementary, middle, and high school. Each kit includes step-by-step lesson plans, objectives, and a student and teacher guide. Paper is Power™ brings excitement and education together, teaching essential information through interesting activities.

Our elementary school Paper is Power™ kit teaches students where paper comes from, how it’s made, and its many uses. Through fun activities, students learn about math, scientific processes, and language skills. The middle school curriculum kit focuses on teaching essential writing skills. The kit will help students learn to organize their thoughts, write them down and then edit them. Our high school curriculum kit was developed to help teachers educate their students on the science behind how paper is made, and teaches the importance of sustainable forestry practices related to its production.

Create a Welcoming Classroom

Start the school year off right by making students feel welcome on their first day back. Put up classroom decorations before they arrive to help create a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Have students make paper name tents, so both you and and your students can begin learning names right away. Share the story of how you got involved in teaching to help create a connection with your students. You can help set the tone for the rest of the year by creating a welcoming environment for your students on the first day of class.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for the school year ahead. Need more help? Check out our back-to-school kit for teachers here.

Make sure you have the right paper for back-to-school. Whether it’s premium printer paper for school reports or multi-purpose paper for a class syllabus, find out what types are best for your printing needs here.

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