Fun Classroom Activity Ideas to Increase Student Engagement


Finding fun ways to increase student engagement can often be difficult for teachers. Students are less likely to retain information if it does not interest them in some way. They are also more likely to become distracted if a lesson plan lacks excitement. The classroom activity ideas below can help teachers increase student engagement, and can help make learning fun!

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Play Games

Teachers can use games to help students retain information. Bingo is a great example of a game that’s easy to play and fun. Playing bingo is a great way to review material before a test. Everyone knows how to play bingo, and the boards are not difficult to set up, making it an easy choice for teachers.

A matching game can help students memorize equations. To create a matching-equations game, create a set of cards with different equations on one side, and another set of cards with the corresponding answers. To play, shuffle the question and answer cards together and place all of the cards facedown on a table. Each student will have a turn to pick two cards to see if they have a match. If it is a match, the student gets to keep the two cards. The student with the most cards at the end of a game wins. Check out our matching game template here.

Create Stories as a Class

One way to engage students is to have them create a story as a class. Teachers can start by telling the beginning of the story, and then each student will add a sentence to help form the rest of the story. There may be times when a teacher will have to guide the students to help the story come to an end. Once a teacher sees that only a few students are left, they can tell the class that the story has hit a climax and needs to come to a resolution.

Energize the Class

Activities that help energize students are perfect for after lunch, on Mondays, and even between lessons. Teachers can use these activities anytime they feel like they have lost their students attention. Musical chairs is a great energizer; it encourages the students to move around and focus. Make it even more fun by playing music that’s culturally relevant to the students.

Mix It Up

Don’t do the same activities and play the same games every week. Try rotating games and activities throughout the month to help prevent them from becoming dull and boring. Get the students involved and let them vote to decide which game the class will play. For a change in scenery, you can also go outside for activities. You can find outdoor activity templates here. Teachers can help students stay engaged by switching up the activities and games the class plays on a regular basis. No one wants to play bingo over and over again.

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