4 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips


Decorating for Valentine’s Day can make your home look like love is in the air. From hanging heart collages to creating a personalized banner, making DIY Valentine’s Day decorations can be easy and fun. DIY decorations can help you add a personal touch to your decor. Read our DIY Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips below to get inspired.

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Create a Message Board for Love Notes

Let your family know how much you love them by writing cute notes on a DIY message board. There are multiple ways to make your own message board with materials that are easy to find. Try taking a large glass picture frame and inserting a printed or hand-drawn Valentine’s Day design. Use a dry erase marker to write love notes on the glass. Need to write a Valentine’s Day message in a card? Check out our Valentine’s Day Card Templates.

Another way to make your own message board for love notes is by using chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can be used on wood or even cardboard. Once you have painted your piece of wood or cardboard, try adding a border. You can frame it, or add your own creative design with chalk. Keep your message board up after the holiday, so you can read your love notes throughout the year.

Say Goodbye to Boring Hearts

Create something more interesting than a heart hanging from a string. To make your DIY heart decorations more unique, try collaging hearts that are cut out from different materials. Magazines, newspapers, and wallpaper are just a few examples of the materials you can use to create your heart collage. Try cutting out different-sized hearts and attaching them together at different angles to help make your collage more interesting. Once finished, attach your heart collage to a wall or door.

Glitter it Up

It is the perfect holiday for using glitter. From holiday cards to candle holders, adding glitter can help add pizazz to anything. Pink and red are popular colors for Valentine’s Day, but you can get creative and use whatever colors you like. Once you’ve chosen your color, it’s time to glitter it up! Coat the surface you are putting glitter on with glue. Find a box to place the object in while you shake glitter onto the surface. Once the glue is dried, it’s time to find the perfect spot for your sparkly decor.

Get the Whole Family Involved

A great way to celebrate the holiday with the whole family is to make DIY Valentine’s Day decorations together. Make a unique garland by writing cute notes to each other on paper hearts. Have younger kids draw pictures on the hearts. To make the banner, string the hearts together with ribbon. Hang your lovely new banner across an entryway or wall. 

We hope these DIY Valentine’s Day decorations will help you add some love to your home. You can find Valentine’s Day Decoration Templates here. We recommend using Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover 100LB printer paper for printing our DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Templates.

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