DIY Yearbook: Capturing Memories


A yearbook captures all of the important moments from the school year. It helps you look back at the people who meant the most to you, read personalized messages, and reflect on the important times in your life.

There are situations when a yearbook may not be available, or you may want to create a customized yearbook of your friends. A DIY yearbook lets you include memories that are special to you and share them with your friends.

How to Create a DIY Yearbook:

1. Gather Pictures

Collect digital photos from throughout the year. Photos from field trips or social events are great memories to include. Take an individual portrait for each of your friends, and then crop, resize, or edit as needed. Create a folder to save the edited copies of the photos in, and be sure to keep the originals as source files.

2. Write Down all of your Important Memories

Journal your memories by thinking of the moments that stood out the most to you. Be sure to include any sentimental or funny details. Having trouble generating memorable moments? Ask fellow friends and fellow students what events stood out the most to them.

3. Capture Personalities with Quotes

A quote can be inspirational, funny, or meaningful in a unique way to the person, or their group of friends. It should help show off someone’s personality and be something they would like to be remembered for.

4. Arrange Pictures, Quotes, and Memories

When you have all of your pictures, memories, and quotes together, it’s time to put them in order on a template. Be sure to lay everything out, and have all quotes and memories matched to corresponding portraits and pictures.

5. Print it out and Share!

Once you have everything in order on your template, it’s time to print! We recommend using a premium laser gloss paper that will give you photo-quality pages for your yearbook.

Memories are important to share with those that mean the most to you. Hammermill is always looking for meaningful new creative projects to share. Download our DIY yearbook templates here.

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