Earth Day: Home Sustainability Tips

At Hammermill®, it is important to us to help the environment as much as we can by making paper that is sustainably produced and sourced from responsibly managed forests. We also believe in sharing knowledge that can help people live a more sustainable life. To help celebrate Earth Day, we’re sharing our top tips to help you re-use paper at home, recycle, and shop sustainably for paper. 

Re-Use Paper at Home

There are many ways to re-use paper at home, some of which are more functional, while others are fun ways that the whole family will enjoy. Craft with the kids and make fun bookmarks out of your used paper. Color paper is perfect for creating fun shapes or making imaginative creatures. Get creative! 

One of the best places to re-use paper is in your garden. Not only can you put paper into your composting pile, but you can also use non-glossy paper as mulch. For mulch made of paper, shred the paper first, and then place around your plants and on top of your soil. This should help with moisture retention.  You can create a sustainable garden and help the environment while also saving money. Read our beginner’s guide to sustainable gardening and learn how to get started here.

Re-Use Office Paper 

Your home office is a great place to re-use paper. Create your own notepad by cutting the paper into quarters and binding them together with a binder clip with the unused side facing up. It's good to cut the paper into quarters so that you don't get confused by the side of the paper that has already been used. These notepads are perfect for doodling or taking notes during calls. Having a ready supply of scratch paper helps you keep track of details that otherwise might get lost during your busy day.

Label Recycling Bins

Putting recycling signs up to help indicate which bin to use will help ensure the correct materials make it into the right bin. A sign for paper and cardboard, landfill waste and plastics can help you stay organized.

The whole family can work together to make sure that recycling is being organized into the correct bin. Need some signs to help you sort your recycling at home? Check out our downloadable signs here. 

Learn How to Shop Sustainably

You can help support forests by purchasing paper that has been sourced from sustainably managed growth forests. Check to see if the paper you buy has a logo from a third-party certification showing a commitment to sustainable forest management. These certification logos indicate that the paper is made with fiber from a third-party-verified sustainably managed forest. When you buy Hammermill paper, you can rest assured that it has been sustainably produced and sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

We hope that our Earth Day tips will help you become more sustainable. Want to stay up-to-date on more helpful tips and resources? You can subscribe to our newsletter below. If you want to share the work you've done on Hammermill paper, we'd love to see it with #PaperforLife!

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