Earth Day: Beautiful and Sustainable Forests


Forests provide us with natural beauty and many more benefits. They supply us with wood fiber for producing paper, and in return, we help replenish them by supporting sustainable forestry management and practices. Wood fiber that is responsibly sourced helps to support the sustainability of family owned forest lands that serve as a large portion of our forests in the US. You can help support forests by purchasing paper that has been sourced from sustainably managed-growth forests. 

There are numerous reasons why we must protect our forests and help them grow sustainably. They provide a habitat for animals and plants, protect our watersheds, and supply oxygen for us to breathe. Forests have even been scientifically proven to improve our health through ‘forest bathing’. It’s easy to benefit from forest bathing. Just immerse yourself into a forest and breathe in the air. You will feel refreshed and healthier!

We need to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy the forests and experience all of their benefits. The best environmental stewards to do this are the families that own most of the forest lands. They help protect forests by practicing sustainable forestry management. This includes harvesting in ways that encourages healthier growth and replenishing whatever is harvested.

You can help our forests grow by ensuring the paper you purchase is sustainably sourced. Always check to see if the paper you buy has a logo from a third-party certification showing a commitment to sustainable forest management. Hammermill is committed to keeping our forests healthy and growing. When you buy Hammermill paper, you can rest assured that it has been sustainably produced and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The best way to enjoy the beauty of a forest is to get outside and explore one! Can’t make it outside to explore? No worries, you can still discover the forest! Learn facts about paper and its contribution to the environment all while coloring forests, animals, and leaves. Download our coloring activity book here.

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