Earth Day: Tips for Sustainable Living


At Hammermill, we believe in making paper that is sustainably produced and sourced from responsibly managed forests. We also believe in sharing knowledge that can help anyone live a more sustainable life. You can integrate sustainable practices into your life that are easy to implement in your home and office. To help celebrate Earth Day, we have compiled our top tips to help you live more sustainably.

Recycle and Reuse

Create signs at home and in your office to show your family and co-workers how they can recycle or reuse materials. A centralized recycling bin is an easy way to help encourage everyone to recycle. Having multiple recycling bins can help you you separate paper from your plastic and metal recyclables.

There are many ways to reuse paper, and if you are separating paper from the rest of your recyclables, it will make it easier to reuse. You can reuse paper for bookmarks, the kids art projects, and even shred it to line your pet’s cage. Find more easy ways to reuse paper here.

Carpool or Bike to Work or School

Sharing rides is a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint. Ask your co-workers and friends if they would be interested in coordinating rides. If you have enough people interested, you can create an email list to help make carpooling even easier. Bicycling to work or school is not only a sustainable option, but a healthy one, too. Rethinking your mode of transportation can be a simple way to create a greener lifestyle.

Check Your Paper Packaging Before You Buy

Always check to see if the paper you buy has a logo from a third-party certification showing a commitment to sustainable forest management. Hammermill is committed to keeping our forests healthy and growing. When you buy Hammermill paper, you can rest assured that it has been sustainably produced and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Educate Yourself and Your Family

Don’t stop learning once you have started to integrate sustainable practices into your life. Continue to seek out helpful resources to share with your family and friends. Work on sustainable projects with the whole family to help get them involved. Download our Life of the Forest coloring activity book here, to get the conversation going with the kids. Kids can learn facts about paper and its contribution to the environment all while coloring forests, animals, and leaves.

Teachers can help educate students about the science and sustainability of paper. Our Paper is Power™ kit for High School is a curriculum to help teachers educate their students on the science behind how paper is made, and the importance of sustainable forestry practices related to its production. Our materials give teachers step-by-step lesson plans, objectives, and directions to guide them through the material. Learn more about these free materials here.

We hope these tips help you reduce your environmental footprint and live a more sustainable life. For more sustainable tips on reusing paper, check out our fun ideas here.

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