Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas


Wrapping holiday gifts doesn’t have to be such a hassle. There are many easy ways to wrap or decorate your gifts that can help add a personal touch. Get into the holiday season by making your own gift wrap or by finding materials out in nature to decorate with. Try out some of our fun and unique ideas with family or friends. Read below for our holiday gift wrapping ideas that can help inspire you.

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Make Your Own Gift Wrap

Using brown kraft paper, you can add stamps or paint a design. Make repetitive patterns using snowman or Christmas tree shaped stamps. Take a marker or paint brush and write the lyrics to a holiday song on your wrapping paper. Out of bows and ribbon? Try painting some on your wrapped gift. Little kids can draw or paint a picture on wrapping paper for their grandparents.

Want to reuse and recycle? Wrap your presents with the comic book section from a newspaper. An old map or sheet of music can help add some uniqueness to your gift. A brown paper bag from the grocery store resembles kraft paper and can be decorated in the same way. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have fun with it.

Add a Piece of Nature

Using materials you find in nature is an inexpensive and easy way to decorate your holiday gifts. Try adding a sprig of evergreen with ribbon. Attach a small pine cone, feather, or spray paint acorns using a metallic color and glue them to the top of your holiday gift. If you have enough evergreen, you can turn it into a wreath and attach it to the top of your gift. You can even turn twigs into reindeer antlers by painting a deer onto your wrapping paper and attaching the twigs using a hot glue gun.

Think Outside the Gift Box

Who says all of your gifts have to be put in a box and wrapped? If your present consists of multiple small gifts, try putting them in a decorative stocking. Baskets are a great way to display multiple visually appealing gifts. Adding tissue paper to the bottom of a basket and a bow on the handle can help it look more festive. If you have to wrap a large gift and have sewing skills, you can sew a simple bag and tie the top with a ribbon. Apothecary jars are a good option if you’re gifting someone something small like bath or make-up products.

You may need a quick wrapping paper solution if you are short on time. Check out the design pages in our DIY Holiday Decorations PDF if you need a quick solution. We recommend printing the festive design patterns on Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover 100LB printer paper.

We hope these easy holiday gift wrapping ideas help inspire you. For more help with holiday gift wrapping, check out our festive Gift Tag Templates.

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