Fly Air Hammermill®: How to build a paper plane | Hammermill Paper

Paper airplane being thrown out of a window into a city

Many of you are back at the office, trying to reconnect with your co-workers, but finding it frustrating thanks to voice-muffling masks and social distancing protocols.

Allow us to lift your spirits.

Why not give wings to your inner-office communications (meeting agendas, product specs, sales forecasts, etc.) by sending them into the wild blue yonder on Air Hammermill?

With Air Hammermill, there are no TSA lines, no middle seats, and no unexpected weather delays. Just direct flights from your cube to those of your coworkers, departing as often as your inner-office air traffic control allows.

The best part is, whether you fly economy class (Hammermill Copy Plus®), business class (Fore® Multi-Purpose) or first class (Premium Laser Print), fares are always low. Plus, you can upgrade at any time.

Of course, you do have to build your own aircraft, but if you follow the instructions below, you’ll find it’s easier than inflating your on-board flotation device.

Finally, if you’re looking for frequent-flyer pointers, here are three that will help your plane fly far:

  1. Fold neatly.
  2. Throw firmly.
  3. Always use Hammermill paper.

So start folding. The skies await.




Note: If an ant or an office spider happens to stow away on one of your flights, no worries. Bugs fly free.