How-To Avoid Paper Jams


Paper jams are costly. They waste paper, and even more importantly, they waste your time. But here’s something many people don’t know: paper jams are usually caused by the paper, not the printer! And when you have a lot of paper jams, suddenly that bargain paper isn’t such a bargain. Consider this: the time it takes to clear a paper jam and reset your printer can cost you more than simply buying a quality product like Hammermill® paper. That’s why choosing a quality paper is such a good idea. It not only makes your work look better, it can save you time and eliminate frustration. Watch our video below to learn how you can avoid paper jams.

Picking A Quality Paper

Choosing the right paper for your next project can make a big difference in your printing experience. Do you want to eliminate paper jams and show your work at its best? We’ve made finding the right paper a lot easier with a couple of short videos. Watch How to Choose the Right Paper to match your paper choice to the kind of printing you are doing. You can also take a look at our How to Read a Ream video for the basics about what the numbers on a ream really mean, and that can help you make the best choice more quickly.

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You can also check out the Products section of to see what kinds of paper will work well for you. You can sort through your options by Use –what kind of printing you are doing– or by other factors that might be important, such as paper size, printer type, brightness or paper weight. Be sure to take a look at some of the interesting and helpful things you can do with paper in the For Home, For Work, and For School sections. There’s a ton of good ideas that can save you time and help you do more, work smarter and just have fun! And if you have any questions, we’re ready to help with a team of experts who can tell you what you need to know.

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