How to Read a Ream of Paper


There’s a lot of information to consider when purchasing paper. With many different kinds of paper, it can get confusing. Just remember, not all paper is the same. Choosing a quality paper can make a BIG difference in the results, and people really notice the difference. So if you want your work to look its best, choose a quality product like Hammermill paper.

Every ream of Hammermill paper has information included on the packaging to help you choose the right paper for your next project. Don’t worry about getting confused when reading a ream. We have included all of the important information you need to know below.

Brightness: Better print contrast.

Basis weight: To lend an air of importance to your documents.

Forestry certification logos: To be sure your paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

Made in USA: To keep manufacturing jobs at home.

99.99% jam-free: If more than one jam in two cartons, we’ll refund your money. “Bargain” paper is no bargain if you spend your time clearing paper jams.

Paper for Color/Multi/Copy paper frame: To make sure you’re getting the best results for what you’re printing.

Watch our video below to learn more.

Paper Basics

Take a look at our How To Read a Ream video and find out what the numbers and symbols mean. There are also helpful examples that give you recommendations depending on what you are doing. The video walks you through the basics –like paper weight, brightness, and sustainability– and can really help when you’re trying to decide which paper will make your work look its best.

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