Best Paper for DIY Paper Crafts

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When you want to bust out some DIY paper craft skills, you want to make sure you have the right paper for the project. Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover printer paper is the perfect go-to paper for all of your crafting needs. We've compiled our top creative ways to use Premium Color Copy Cover. Read below to get inspired! 

DIY Party Decorations

Creating DIY party decorations is an easy and economical way to make a room more festive for a get-together. Most party decorations are hung up on a wall or ceiling, which means you need a strong paper to keep the decorations from tearing or coming apart. Premium Color Copy Cover paper is durable enough so that your decorations won’t end up falling down halfway through your party. No one wants to worry about their DIY party decor falling down when they’re hosting a party.

Print Out Photographs

Do you have a project that requires you to print out photographs? Printing out photographs requires a paper that can take a heavy application of toner. You will also need a printer paper that is high in terms of brightness to help give you excellent image contrast and color reproduction. Premium Color Copy Cover paper has 100 brightness, and it’s tough enough to withstand any printer with heavier toner applications.

DIY Cards and Invitations

Printing out and making your own DIY cards is a great way to communicate an important message to someone. Whether you’re sending a thank-you card or party invitations, you’ll need to make sure the printer paper you use can be folded and will stand up on it’s own when put out for display. Our Premium Color Copy Cover paper is strong enough to be displayed once its folded in half, ensuring that the slightest breeze won’t knock it down.

It’s easy to keep a ream of paper around the house for when a creative idea strikes. Make sure you have Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover paper on hand for your DIY projects. Want more DIY tips? Sign up for our monthly newsletter below.