Tips for Making DIY Halloween Cards


DIY Halloween cards are a great way to celebrate Halloween while making something yourself. Add a personal touch to your cards and save money by making your own. Ready to get started? Read our tips for making DIY Halloween cards below to help you get inspired.

Look for Inspiration

Get inspired by fellow crafters to help get ideas for your Halloween cards. Pinterest is a great place to find examples of imagery and different types of styles that you could use on your card. Create an inspiration board where you can save imagery and designs on Pinterest to reference in the future. Searching for inspiration will help get you excited for starting your card design.

Don’t have time to design your own Halloween card? Check out our Halloween card designs that are easy to print out.

Choose the Right Paper

Choosing the right paper for your Halloween card is an important step in the DIY process.
You want to make sure the printer paper you use can be folded and will stand up on its own when put out for display. Our Premium Color Copy Cover paper is strong enough to be displayed once it's folded in half. Premium Color Copy Cover is super smooth, which makes for excellent toner adhesion.

Show Off Your Personality

One of the best parts of DIYing your own Halloween card is getting to make an original design. Show off your personality with your design by using a custom style. One way to do this is to do your own calligraphy. If you enjoy painting and drawing, then creating your own card cover might be the way to go. Your card will be unique no matter how you design it, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun!

Print a Few Extra

When it’s time to print your Halloween cards, it’s best to print out a few extra. That way, you have a few for backup in case you make a mistake while writing your message on the inside. You can also save some for next Halloween. 

We hope these DIY Halloween card tips will help you create your own card. Make sure you have Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover paper on hand for your DIY projects. Want more DIY tips? Sign up for our monthly newsletter below.