Paper Loading Tips


Loading paper into your printer or copier seems pretty straightforward, right? Many people just open up the package and pop the paper in the tray. Well, it turns out that this might not be the best way to do it. Loading paper properly can ensure that your printer or copier operates smoothly and gives you the best printing results. Take a moment to watch our short video below or continue reading to learn the proper way to load paper.

Eliminate Curl

Do you have problems with curled sheets after you print? Remember that Hammermill® paper is manufactured with a slight curl built into the sheet. When loaded properly that curl can help the paper feed correctly. That’s why it’s important to notice which side is up when you load the paper into the tray.

As paper travels through a copier or a printer, it tends to curl toward the heat of the fuser. If you load the paper wrong side up, you will get more curl. Load the paper as shown on the back of the ream. You want to print on the side facing the back seam of the wrapper. This way, the heat of the fuser counteracts the manufactured curl, and you end up with a flatter sheet of printed paper.

Get Some Air In There

Fluff your paper before you load it into the tray. Most paper is packaged at the same time it’s cut. This high-speed process tends to eliminate the air between the sheets of paper, making it harder for the printer to load only one sheet at a time. To add the air back in, lightly fluff or fan the paper before you load it into your printer. This helps the sheets to feed smoothly.

Any Questions?

Be sure to take a look at our YouTube channel and subscribe for more answers to Frequently Asked Questions and to see what a quality paper can do for you. Remember, our Consumer Response Service Center is staffed with paper scientists who understand paper and how it interacts with equipment. You can find the number (1-800-242-2148) on the back of every Hammermill ream. If you are experiencing printing problems or are not satisfied with your printing results, give us a call!