Reduce Stress with a Coloring Book


Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. The fun pastime has proven to be relaxing and even therapeutic for adults. It can pull you into the moment and improve concentration by creating a calming effect.

When you color, your attention is drawn to the colors, shapes, and the patterns in front of you. This helps foster relaxation by requiring you to be in the moment. Meditation can help you relax and reduce stress in the same way. It creates a calm mindset by focusing your attention on only one task.  In a world where many of us multitask regularly, coloring to relax can be a mini zen-like vacation.

Coloring has even shown positive physical benefits. A neuropsychologist named Dr. Stan Rodski could see a reduction in stress by seeing changes in the brainwaves and heart rates of those coloring. One reason for this type of response is the need to pay attention to the patterns and repeating details while you color.

Try it out and relax with a nostalgic activity from your childhood. You can download Hammermill’s “Outside the Lines” coloring book here.

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