The Rise of Analog in a Digital Age


Recently, there has been a shift back to using analog technology and tools. Record players have made a comeback, while pen and paper have become the tools of choice among those who take up journaling, or those who simply need a break from staring at a digital screen all day. Below we discuss the trends and studies that have helped increase the usage of analog technology and tools, and how paper plays an important role.

Analog Trends

The digital age has helped shape our habits, with adults spending “an average of nine hours and twenty two minutes per day” looking at the screens on various devices. It’s no wonder why people are seeking out non-digital activities and tools. Playing music on a record or tape player has reemerged as popular ways to listen to music. Journaling and other creative outlets that don’t require screens continue to rise in popularity.


Paper and pen have always been a staple for those who enjoy the experience of using these tools, but now we are seeing the rise in popularity of analog methodologies, like Bullet Journaling® that advocate for the usage of pen and paper. Bullet Journaling® was created by Ryder Carroll, who sought out a system of journaling that utilizes what he calls the “Rapid Logging” solution. This solution has 4 components that can help you organize various types of information in a productive way. If you’re interested in learning the basics of journaling, check out our quick guide here.

Note Taking

The benefits of using analog tools, such as pen and paper, are immense. One benefit comes from taking notes with pen and paper, which can help you retain information for an exam more easily than typing your notes on a laptop. Studies show that students who take notes by hand outperform students who take notes on their laptops when it comes to questions regarding the "conceptual-application" of information. Try it! Give your eyes a break from staring at a screen and try using pen and paper for taking notes.

If you decide to incorporate more analog technologies and tools into your life, take your time and don’t try to make the switch all at once. Try starting a journal first, or begin taking notes with pen and paper. In our digital world, it’s important to remember that balance is key in life.

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