Easy Classroom Decorating Ideas for Spring


Bring spring into your classroom with our springtime decoration ideas. Decorating your classroom for the seasons doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or energy. Small changes can help make it more inspiring for students by reflecting the approaching season. These ideas for spring classroom decorations will help spark your creativity.

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Make Paper Flowers for Spring

Students can create flowers that capture their height and teach them measurement skills. Have the students figure out their height, and then cut out a stem from multiple sheets of paper that are then attached together to be as tall as the student is. Have the students also cut out a circle and petal shapes from paper. Once everything is cut out, students can attach the petals to the circle, and then the circle to the end of the paper stem. Once complete, you can hang them up on a classroom wall to create a paper garden.

Make Alphabet Bees

Are your students learning the alphabet? If so, creating alphabet bees can help them learn words that start with B. Cut out the letter B from multiple pieces of paper, and put a different word that starts with B on each. Next, cut out sets of wings and attach each set to one of the cutout B letters. Attach the bees to your classroom wall or across your bulletin board. If you create paper flowers for your wall, you can have the bees “flying” around the flowers.

Create a Spring Border for Your Bulletin Board

A very simple way to decorate your classroom for spring is to buy or make your own border for your bulletin board that features spring imagery. Find images of birds and flowers online that can be printed out and made into a collage. To create a bulletin border that also functions as a teaching tool, you can create one with images that shows the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Your students will enjoy looking at the springtime imagery.

Show Bug Facts

It’s easy to create wall decor that also functions as a learning tool. Print out different types of bugs and cut them out. Write a fact about each bug on a piece of paper. Place the bugs together on one wall or bulletin board, and then put the bug facts next to those in a column of their own. Have the students match the facts to the correct bugs.

We hope these springtime decorating ideas will help you bring spring into your classroom. You can find Spring Classroom Decoration Templates here. We recommend using Hammermill® Premium Laser Print 24 lb. printer paper for printing our Springtime Decoration Templates.

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