The teaching power of paper.

This fall, whether your kids are learning at home or at school, they’ll be using paper. Even with our ever-increasing reliance on digital learning, worksheets, notebooks, flash cards and printed textbooks still play important roles in the teaching of all subjects.

So why not include a short course that teaches students about the power of paper itself? That’s the idea behind our Paper is Power® curriculum kits. Based on Common Core standards, these free downloadable kits are designed to fit in with what your kids are already learning. And they’re available in elementary, middle school, and high school versions.


For Grade Schoolers

With this kit, younger students will have fun learning where paper comes from, how it’s made, and the various ways it can be used. Activities encompass Common Core topics like math, scientific processes, and language skills. You’ll even learn how to use paper fortune tellers as educational tools! In the end, students will understand more about paper and working forests. And they’ll never take paper for granted again.

Download Elementary School Kit


For Middle Schoolers

Much of middle school is spent learning how to organize your thoughts, write them down and edit them. So our middle school Paper Is Power® kit focuses on the value of writing and editing on paper. Lessons include sections on fiction, nonfiction and poetry. And because revising is such an important part of learning to write well, the kit also features three authors who were masters of revision: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Frederick Douglass, and Wilfred Owen.

Download Middle School Kit


For High Schoolers

Our high school kit gets into the history and science of papermaking, as well as its social responsibility aspects. By reading and discussing the core workbook, titled Paper: Science and Sustainability, students can practice their nonfiction reading skills on material that touches on social studies, science and technical topics. They’ll also learn about the papermaking industry, including the career and educational opportunities it provides.

Download High School Kit

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