5 Fun Classroom Decorating Tips


Make your classroom more inviting by brightening it up and organizing your space. Decorating your classroom doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or energy. Small changes can help make your classroom more inspiring for students and also help reinforce lesson plans taught throughout the year. These easy classroom decorating tips will help spark your creativity and get you organized.

Brighten Up Your Space

Using dull colors to decorate your classroom can make your room seem drab. Kick up the color on your walls by using vibrant shades for wall displays. Neon colors used in subtle ways can really make a display or bulletin board pop. Try adding glitter to give your room some sparkle, just make sure you don’t use too much and risk distracting your students.

An easy way to add more color to your classroom is to print and display flyers and important class announcements on color paper. Try using Hammermill® Colors 20lbpaper to help add some color to your printouts. Hammermill® Colors paper runs efficiently through printers and is available in 15 different colors.

Change It Up

Don’t let your classroom decorations become boring. Keep students engaged by changing up what you display on your walls. Themes based on the seasons or lesson plans make it easy to update your walls on a regular basis. Decorating your classroom based on the seasons provides lots of options for fun displays. In the autumn, you can create a display with falling leaves made out of construction paper. In the winter, you can hang snowflakes from the ceiling to help create a winter wonderland. Have the students help by decorating the leaves or snowflakes before you hang them up.

Fun and Functional

Decorating your walls based on current lesson plans is a great way to inspire students. If you’re teaching a lesson about classic literature, dedicate each wall to a different book you’re assigning. Visuals from the the books can help spark the students’ imaginations. Math may not seem like the most interesting subject to decorate for, but there are many ways to get creative with numbers and arithmetic. Show equations using imagery inspired by the seasons. For example, you can use 5 acorns or pumpkins to represent the number 5 in an equation. There are fun options for every type of curriculum. Introduce your students to roles and responsibilities with our colorful classroom Job Chart.

Customize Your Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards are usually at the center of a classroom, making it the perfect spot to show off some creativity. You can customize your own border for your bulletin board. Include imagery from a lesson plan, or create fun designs with poms-poms, paint, and glitter. Attach our Kindness Envelopes to your bulletin board and your students can share nice things about each other. You can also collage the backboard of your bulletin board with newspaper or magazine cut outs that are relevant to the theme of your classroom. Get creative and have fun with it!

Create Space and Organize

You can easily create more space in your classroom and reduce clutter by utilizing some DIY classroom organization tips and ideas. Make a reading corner more spacious by building shelves that also function as a bench students can sit and read on. Arrange student desks in a way that allows for more walking space between desks. A circle or horseshoe arrangement are just two examples you can try in your classroom.

Art and coloring supplies stay organized when arranged in plastic bins with clearly written labels. Organize your lesson plans by month and place them in bins or file holders labeled with the associated month to help make them easily accessible throughout the school year. The supply closet can easily turn into a disorganized mess. Try using organizing solutions made for clothing to help make supplies easily accessible. For instance, a hanging shoe organizer can be used to separate art supplies like colored pencils, markers, and scissors.

We hope these tips for decorating your classroom help you organize and brighten up your space. Check out our Classroom Decoration Templates for more ideas. Have fun decorating, and be sure to share pictures of your decorated classrooms on social media using #PaperforSchools.

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