5 Tips for Making DIY Party Decorations


DIY party decorations can help you add a personal touch to any celebration. Be sure to plan ahead early, and give yourself enough time to make your decorations. You also want to make sure you don’t plan to make more decorations than you can actually create. Read our 5 Tips for Making Party Decorations below to help you get inspired.

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Evaluate Your Party Space

Really look at the space where your party will be held, and look for open areas where your DIY decorations won’t take up too much space, or impede the flow of foot traffic or dancing. Are there high ceilings? If so, then really focus on utilizing the space above your guests’ heads by adding balloons, or a DIY, customized banner.

Plan Your DIY Party Decorations

Start a Pinterest Board, and check out some DIY blogs for party decoration ideas. When planning what decorations you want to make, consider how much time you have before the party, your space and if you’ll need help from friends and family. If you’re planning on making only a few DIY decorations, then you might be ok with making them by yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family, if you realize how time consuming creating your DIY decorations could become.

Once you know what decorations you’ll be making, make a list of materials you’ll need and buy everything as soon as you can. This way, if you have to wait for something to come back into stock or be delivered, you’ll still have plenty of time to create your decorations.

Keep Your Colors and Theme Consistent

Have you ever been to a party and wondered how so many different types of party decorations got packed together in one space? This tends to happen when someone is overly excited and chooses a few types of decorations that don’t necessarily match, but look really fun to make and/or display. Don’t let this happen to you! Yes, you may be excited to create your own decorations, but don’t go overboard and end up with a mismatched party.

Try writing down your party theme and color palette, and compare that to your list of decorations. Are the colors of the supplies to make your DIY decorations consistent with the other elements of your party? Are the DIY decorations that you’ve chosen to make consistent with the overall theme of the party? Be sure to ask yourself these questions earlier in your planning process.

Hang with Care

Gather up all of the materials you will need to put up your DIY party decorations, and be sure to give yourself ample time to set up for the party. Don’t stress yourself out by waiting until the last minute and then rushing to get your decorations put up before your guests arrive. By rushing, you will increase the likelihood of an accident happening and your DIY decorations may not get displayed or hung up properly. Try to decorate the day before the party.

We hope these DIY party decoration tips will help you add some fun to your next celebration. Be sure to check out our DIY Decoration Templates. We recommend using Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover 100 lb. printer paper for printing our DIY Party Decoration Templates.

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