Tips for Planning Holiday Office Parties


Whether you’re planning a party all by yourself, or working with a party planning committee, putting together a holiday party can be a lot of work. Keep reading for ideas on activities, food, and music.

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Create a Playlist

Create a playlist everyone can enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a long list of holiday songs and nothing else. Add in some fun non-holiday music throughout your playlist to help keep your coworkers from getting bored.

Plan on dancing at your office party? Make sure you add some songs that will help get people up on their feet. Another idea is to play some classic hits everyone will want to sing along with. You can always send an email out ahead of time asking everyone what they would like to hear, or just hire a DJ, if it’s in your budget.

Choose Fun Games to Play

Make sure your office party isn’t a snooze-fest. Plan some fun games everyone will enjoy. Secret Santa gift exchanges are always a favorite and can help add an element of surprise to the party. An ugly holiday sweater contest is perfect for coworkers that like to get creative and have a competitive streak. The person with the most ridiculously designed holiday sweater wins.

Plan Food Ahead of Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan for food and beverages. Having your office holiday party catered is the easiest way to make sure that the food gets cooked in time and no one goes hungry. Keep it simple if you’re having a more casual holiday party by providing finger foods.

You can help ensure you have something sweet at the party by asking everyone to bring a baked good of their choice. This works out well if you have coworkers in your office that love to bake.

Take Pictures

Capture the fun at the party by asking someone to be the unofficial photographer. After the party, be sure to share the pictures with everyone and print out the favorites. Another way to capture the fun is by setting up a photo booth. Include holiday props for partygoers to use while they take pictures. Check out our printable holiday photo booth props here.

We hope our tips help you throw a wonderful holiday office party. Be sure to check out our Holiday Photo Booth Props.

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