Tips for Writing a Business Letter

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Learning how to write a business letter is an important skill for business professionals to have. There are a few factors that can impact the effectiveness of your letter. Everything from the tone to formatting can influence how your letter is perceived. Read our tips below to learn how you can write a great business letter.

Plan Your Business Letter

Review the format you will need to follow before you begin the outline of your letter. Check out our Business Letter Guide to see an example of a standard layout. Create a short outline of your letter to make sure you don’t forget to include any important information. Be sure to include all of the specific points you need to make. Remember to tie up all of the details on the subject at hand.

Be Concise

Make sure you clearly state the reason for your letter in the introductory paragraph. Each of the following paragraphs should stick to the main points you need to make without going on any tangents that will distract the reader from the letter’s original purpose. Be concise and stay away from wordy sentences.

Keep It Formal

The majority of the time, the tone of a business letter should be formal. It’s fine to take a cordial and friendly approach so you don’t sound like a robot. On the flip side, you don’t want to be overly formal and use terms like “hence.”

Remember to always be polite and professional. The more appropriate your word choices are, the more effective your letter will be.

Review and Proofread Your Business Letter

Once you have completed a draft of your business letter, it’s a good idea to print it out and review it. Be sure to double-check for spelling and grammatical errors before you send your letter off.

When you print your business letter, we recommend using a heavier paper, like Hammermill Premium Color Copy 28LB. printer paper.

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