Top 5 Workouts for the Office


You can get your workout on while you are at the office. There are many exercises you can even do while sitting at your desk that don’t require any special equipment. Try breaking a sweat at your desk with our top five office workouts below.

Although moderate physical activity is safe for most people, health experts suggest that you talk to your doctor before you start any exercise routine. Please use caution when trying out any new type of exercise for the first time.

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Do Leg Lifts

Begin sitting up straight in your chair. Straighten out both legs while you keep your hips from moving. Keep your ankles together as you keep both legs about a ruler’s length from the floor and then extend your legs back downwards. You want to try to only use your leg muscles while doing this exercise. Some people like to stabilize themselves with their hands, decreasing the effectiveness. 

Raise the Roof with a Ream of Paper

Raising the roof isn’t just a dance move from the ’90s. You can try this exercise while sitting at your desk or while standing and walking in place. Please use caution and make sure you have a firm grip when lifting the ream above your head.

For both the seated and standing versions of this exercise, you will start by holding a ream of paper in front of you with both hands. Your thumbs should be on top of the paper ream while the rest of your fingers should be holding the ream from underneath. Raise the paper ream above your head so that your thumbs are facing down toward the top of your head, and then extend your arms upward. Lower the paper ream back down in front of you, and repeat.

Swivel in Your Chair

For this exercise, you will need a chair that swivels. Begin by sitting up straight and raising your feet so that they hover just above the floor. Grasp the edge of your desk firmly and use your core to swivel your chair left, then right. Make sure you focus on using your core muscles, instead of just using your hands to push yourself from side to side.

Work Your Chest and Shoulders

You will need a chair for this exercise. Take both of your hands and place them on the arms of your chair. Slowly lift yourself up off of your chair and lower yourself back down until your bottom is hovering just above the seat. Hold yourself in this position for a few seconds and then repeat.

Desk Tricep Dips

You can do tricep dips using a desk or non-rolling chair. Be sure to use a sturdy desk or chair that will not move when you put pressure on it. Grasp the side of your desk or non-rolling chair and put your feet two steps in front of you. Start with your arms straight and then bend them to create a 90-degree angle that lets your body dip down. Hold for a moment, and then re-straighten your arms, then repeat.

We hope our exercises for the office will help you break a sweat. Be sure to check out our Checklist of Healthy Office Habits and Activities.

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