Top Five DIY Paper Crafts


Need some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy? Try making some fun DIY paper crafts! Read below to find out our top five paper craft ideas. 

Finger Puppets

Making finger puppets is a great way to get creative and let your child’s imagination run wild. Act out a scene from a play with your finger puppets or make it more spontaneous by doing improv sketches. Looking for DIY finger puppets? Check out our templates you can make with paper here.

DIY Paper Bookmarks

Add some fun to your reading time by making your own DIY paper bookmarks. One simple way to make your own DIY paper bookmarks is to take a heavier paper like Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover and cut out two-inch by four-inch rectangles. After you have your bookmarks cut out, you can then personalize them with fun designs.

We have DIY paper bookmark templates that are easy to make. Check out our Hammermill® Habitat templates featuring Poppy the parrot, Brody the bunny and Zara the zebra here.

Basic Origami Shapes

Origami is a traditional Japanese art form that involves folding a single sheet of paper to make shapes. Download our instructions for some fun origami designs that are great for beginners. Our instructions are easy to follow to help keep craft time fun and uncomplicated. Learn how to make a puppy, a cat and a heart!

Fun DIY Party Decorations

DIY paper decorations are inexpensive and fun to make. Have the kids help make decorations for your next party and let their creativity show. You can keep it simple by making paper fans and hanging a banner with a celebratory message. Easily print and cut out our DIY decoration templates to put up at your next party.

Make a Flipbook

Bring your photos or drawings to life by making a flipbook. Show off your memories by making a flipbook with family photos, or let your kids use their art skills to draw pictures for one. Download our template to get started on your own flipbook.

We hope these DIY paper craft ideas will help you and your family get together for some fun. You can find our Hammermill® Habitat DIY paper bookmarks here. We recommend using Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover, 100lb. printer paper for printing our DIY craft Templates.

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