Top 5 Outdoor Activities


Parents know all too well that it can be difficult to get kids outside to enjoy time out in nature. Fun outdoor activities can help encourage your kids to get outside. Read our list of ideas below for getting the family outside to have some fun. 

Play Nature Bingo

 A recent study found that spending time outdoors can reduce stress levels and improve your health. Outdoor games are a great way for families to get out in nature and enjoy the health benefits. Nature Bingo is an easy game that everyone can enjoy–no matter what your age is. While outside, each player looks for and marks off items on their bingo sheet that they can find, like a squirrel, acorn or insect. The first player to get five items in a row, in any direction, wins! 

Camp Out in Your Backyard

An easy way to enjoy nature while bonding with your family is to go camping in your own backyard. All you need is a tent, sleeping bags and the ingredients to make yummy s’mores. If the night sky is clear, you can even go stargazing. Turning your backyard into a campsite is a convenient and fun way to get outdoors.

Explore While Identifying Leaves

Explore your neighborhood while identifying tree leaves. It’s a great way to get exercise while you learn and relax out in nature. The fall months, when leaves have fallen, is usually the best time for identifying leaves, but you can do it in spring and summer as well. Ready to start? Check out our tree leaf coloring pages.

Visit a National Park

A wonderful way to get outdoors while exploring a new place is to go to a national park. They offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while providing an opportunity to see wildlife. National parks are scattered across America, making it easy for you to find one near you.

Become a Bird-Watcher

All you need to start bird-watching is a pair of binoculars, a bird identification book and to get outside. It’s a peaceful outdoor activity that can help alleviate stress while you get fresh air. The type of birds that visit your backyard will vary depending on the season and where you live. Taking photographs of the birds you see is a great way to document your finds.

We hope these outdoor activities will help you and your family get outside and enjoy some time in nature. Whether you’re looking to relax, learn or get some exercise, nature is a wonderful option.

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