5 Tips for Working from Home

Working from home brings new challenges as you adjust to life outside of an office building. It can be hard to focus when distractions pop up, and communicating with coworkers can be a struggle. Luckily, there are easy things you can do to help make the transition easier. Read our tips below to help you stay productive while working from home.

Designate an Office Space

Designating a space for your office will make it easier for you to separate work from your leisure time. Working on your couch may be too much of a relaxing atmosphere for you to stay focused on your work. If you don’t have a room for an office, you can always create your own space at your dinner table. Be sure to let others in your household know about your designated work space so that they know to be quiet during work hours.

Keep Distractions Away

It’s easy to get distracted from work projects when your home has become your office. Whether it’s because your kids are staying home from school and distracting you, or it’s a pet that won’t let you focus, it can be difficult to get work done when things around you are chaotic. An easy way to keep the kids from distracting you is to give them fun DIY paper craft projects to help keep them entertained while you work. Try scheduling playtime with your pet if it tends to get rowdy at certain times of the day. Planning ahead and being strategic will help you keep distractions away.

Create a Routine

It’s easy to lose your routine when you start working from home. When your day becomes less structured, you may struggle with the temptation to work in your pajamas all day. Getting dressed each day can help you stay motivated, and you may find it easier to stay focused throughout the day. Setting a regular time for lunch can also help you to stick to a routine. The more structured you can make your day, the more productive you can be while working from home.

Stay Connected

Staying in communication with your coworkers can be difficult when you work from home. Be sure to stay in touch through a messaging app or with regular check-ins with your team on conference calls. Bonding with your coworkers may take a little more work now that there’s no water-cooler to chat around or lunch outings to go to. Make sure you take time to chat with your coworkers every once in a while to see how they’re doing.

Make Time for Exercise

Sitting at a desk all day can make it tough to get in the exercise you need. A major benefit of working from home is that you can take small breaks throughout the day to stretch, exercise and eat healthy snacks. Scheduling exercise breaks every day can help you stay fit and healthy while working from home. Have a dog? Take your furry friend for a walk and get outside for some fresh air. If you’re looking for more ways to stay healthy while working, be sure to check our tips and checklist here.

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