You have a corporate responsibility. We have an easy solution: sustainable paper.

Contrary to common belief, purchasing and using paper isn’t bad when it’s paper made right. In fact, using paper made right for the planet can actually deepen a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The benefits of corporate social responsibility

CSR enhances brand image, makes an organization a more attractive prospect for employees—particularly millennials, because it leads to more engaged employees—and, ultimately, influences where consumers decide to spend their money. 

But how do you meet that responsibility?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a sheet of paper.

FSC® Certified paper can help satisfy your corporate social responsibility

Choosing sustainably sourced Hammermill® paper is an easy way for businesses—both large and small—to demonstrate a commitment to CSR.

Your customers and consumers care about their communities and the environment. To support our local communities, Hammermill paper is produced here in the United States, and made with renewable resources from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled pulp.

Plus, unlike imported papers, the Hammermill brand helps to employ thousands of American workers in forests and mill towns across the country. In fact, each of our mill jobs supports 3.25 more jobs in supplier industries and local communities.

Paper doesn’t just come from trees. Trees also come from paper—Hammermill paper.


Often, public perception is that using paper and wood products destroys forests. But the truth is, if done right, paper making can keep forests thriving and healthy.

Thanks to responsible forest management, there are 20% more trees in the U.S. today than there were in 1970.

Plus, we source from sustainably managed, working forests. These forests not only remove CO2 from the air, but also purify water, and create diverse animal habitats, and they can be replanted and harvested indefinitely.

Commit to a sustainable future for generations to come.

As responsible stewards of the environment, we strive to leave everything in better shape for future generations. 

Our business depends on keeping our environment healthy and thriving. By choosing to use Hammermill paper, your business contributes to this too! It’s a small choice with big benefits.

Put simply, Hammermill makes it easier to do good and feel great about your paper purchase. 

Paper you can feel good about using.

Paper made right for the planet.