Building Your Brand: Imagery


Your brand is determined by every interaction that takes place with your business, internally and in the world. A great tool for bringing your brand to life is to show it in action by creating a photo library like the one shown in our Hammermill Selects No. 4, which was printed on Hammermill® Premium Color Copy Cover, 80LB. using an HP® Indigo 5500 printer. Having a selection of images to draw from for collateral and online communications is a cost-effective way to ensure that the imagery you are using is supporting your brand. While it might seem a daunting task, remember that the library can be as modest or as extensive as your time and budget allow. 

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your brand in action ensures that the imagery you use for your communications cannot be replicated by anyone else. A library of images of your brand in action also has the benefit of authenticity, because the best way to demonstrate the essence of your brand is to show it, alive and working in the world. When your business makes claims about its values, focus and priorities, showing those qualities in action goes a long way toward making your claims believable.

Hammermill Selects No. 4 is a superb example of what can be accomplished by an excellent photographer and a company with the vision to build and support their brand. Printed on Hammermill Premium Color Copy paper, our Selects No. 4 also shows how using a quality paper for your projects can have a big impact on the results. The impact of large, powerful imagery is even greater when the photographs look their best.

The AES Corporation, a Fortune 200 global power company that provides affordable, sustainable energy in many countries, hired David Katzenstein to tour their facilities and surrounding areas to show their brand at work. The photographs capture the AES brand essence by showing the impact of their work, the work and difference they make in their communities and in the lives of the people they serve.

David has traveled extensively throughout the world creating narrative imagery for global corporate giants and philanthropic organizations. Steeped in the tradition established by documentary and reportage photographers, David tries to capture images that share a part of the spirit of each place he visits.

To help AES build their photo library David traveled to 26 countries, exploring local cultures while, at the same time, creating a library of images that represented the company’s infrastructure and social and environmental responsibility projects. AES has drawn many benefits from the project: an image library for their digital and print communications, and a shared sense of purpose among all their local operations all around the world. A worker in an AES company in Santiago can see what his company is doing for his local community, but also what other AES people are doing–in China, Northern Ireland, Texas or Cameroon.

Hammermill Selects No. 4 is a great example of building a brand through the power of a good photo library. But not every business has needs as expansive as AES. Your photo library needs to fit the size and character of your business; it needs to reflect your brand. When hiring a photographer, look for someone whose work aligns with your brand and then walk them through what exactly you are looking for.

A well-constructed photo library brings your brand to life while also strengthening it by giving your communications a unified look and feel that others cannot replicate. This is an important step in building your brand and making your business easily understood by potential customers, clients, lenders and other sources of revenue. How you represent your business defines how it will be perceived. Taking the time to construct a library of images gives you greater control over the results and the impact your images will have.


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