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Calligraphy Tips

Learn calligraphy tips for beginners and get inspired by our featured artist Kimberly Jenna Simon.

Featured Artist: Kimberly Jenna Simon

At Hammermill®, we love to share all of the creative and artistic ways people use paper. One of our favorite ways to do this, is to feature an artist that can help inspire creativity and provide helpful tips. Kimberly Jenna Simon is a calligraphy artist who shared her helpful tips for beginners with us. We love her colorful and fun calligraphy work!

See Kimberly’s work in real time.



Kimberly’s Tips for Getting Started


Have the right materials

“The materials really make all the difference. If you are working with the right supplies, you are already making your life so much easier!”


Recommended Materials:
“For pens, I recommend using brush pens, permanent marker brush pens, and/or paint pens. Watercolors can also be used with a brush. When using watercolor paper, I recommend using a 140lb weight watercolor paper. You can also use printer paper with a 60 pound weight. I used Hammermill® Color Copy Digital Cover paper for the work featured on this page.”


Practice, Practice, Practice

“This will be a new skill for you, and it is not as easy as it looks. It looks like handwriting, but it is actually slowly drawing letters. Relax, put on your favorite movie or TV show, and practice as much as you can!”


Trace, trace, trace.

“I was tracing things for a full month before I ventured out on my own, and it really made all the difference. Tracing is a great way to really get the hang of how these pens work. Print out some practice sheets you love, buy some Vellum, and trace away!”



“This is a hard one for me, but this is supposed to be a fun, relaxing hobby. Do not hold your breath! It feels like it helps, but it does not. And seriously, it all looks better when you are relaxed and breathing!”


The Artist


Kimberly Jenna Simon (@AllWriteByMe) grew up in a small town in Connecticut. She moved to New York City for college and loved it so much that she never left! She studied musical theater and is a professional actor and singer in New York City. In May of 2016, she decided to pick up brush lettering as a fun summer hobby. Her friends begged her to start an Instagram, and thus AllWriteByMe was created! She set a goal to post one video every single day, and hasn’t missed a single day since August 18, 2016! AllWriteByMe has been featured on many different accounts, including the Instagram of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton! Kimberly is so overwhelmed by and thankful for all of the support she has received this last year! You can check out more of Kimberly’s work on her website here.


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