Becoming the First Female Forester at Hammermill

In honor of Women’s History month, we spoke with Brenda Heindl, the first woman forester.

Giving Back: Paper Donations

We love collaborating with organizations and people that want to help make a difference, especially when it involves helping teachers and schools.

Save Our Sharks

We can help our sharks and their habitat. You can help support Hammermill® Paper and Ocean Conservancy in this year’s #SaveOurSharks campaign.

How Paper is Being Used to Make a Difference

20 cents worth of materials can help save lives by being used to identify life-threatening diseases. Remarkably, the same materials that can be used to make a paper version of a centrifuge are everyday items you can find around your house — paper, string, and plastic. Who would’ve thought that you could use paper in such a life-saving way?