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Define Your Audience

Learn how to define your audience and reach out in an effective way.

With a solid strategy and a good message in order, it’s now time to determine who you are communicating with. Your audience is anyone who might be interested in your company — customers, suppliers, local media and others. Define your audience and find out how to reach out in an effective way.


Knowing Your Audience Before You Communicate Has Many Benefits:
  • Benchmark your audience size to chart growth
  • Reduce bounce rate by keeping up-to-date best-address lists
  • Segment audiences into subgroups for targeted messaging
  • Build your brand with message consistency across channels
Content Included in Guide:
  • Tips on how to create target lists
  • List of content distribution materials
  • Press contact list template
  • Donor list template


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Guide: Define Your Audience and Reach Out

Hammermill - Define Your Audience