Giving Back: Paper Donations


We love collaborating with organizations and people that want to help make a difference, especially when it involves helping teachers and schools. Recently, we collaborated with Brittany Pillard, a blogger who started the site, The Cashmere Gypsy. Brittany reached out to us to see if we were interested in donating paper that would go to help teachers, and we happily agreed!

The collaboration between Hammermill and Brittany originated from a conversation Brittany had with a teacher who follows her blog. The teacher explained to her how copy paper is one supply item teachers and schools run out of the fastest. Inspired to help, Brittany reached out to us to see if Hammermill would be interested in making a donation. Since we love giving back to teachers and schools, we jumped at the chance to help. We donated paper for Brittany’s back-to-school giveaway, where 5 winners received 1 pallet of paper for their school!

At Hammermill, we have always been passionate about giving back and helping teachers. We recently made a donation of 189 cartons of Hammermill paper to the Memphis Teacher Corps. Every corps member walked away with their own carton of paper to use throughout the school year. We are proud to support local organizations like the Memphis Teachers Corps, who are focused on expanding educational opportunities.

The donations mentioned in this post are just a few examples of how we’re giving back to teachers, and our local community. Find out the other ways we’re giving back, and supporting other organizations who are on a mission to make a difference. Read more here.


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