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Monthly Calendar

Our monthly calendar features artwork from a different artist each month.


Featured Artist for August: Julia Nye

Julia Nye is a 24-year-old paper artist, located in Long Island, New York. After crafting her entire life, Julia found a deep passion for the paper art form called quilling and created her small business, Quilledesigns, in 2016. Outside of quilling, she enjoys eating ice cream, hula hooping, and watching HGTV. See more of Julia’s work here:,


Featured Artist for July: Lorraine Nam

Lorraine Nam is a Brooklyn-based illustrator with a love for paper.
She creates her illustrations by creating miniature paper worlds and photographing it. She is currently illustrating a picture book on
Neil deGrasse Tyson. See more of Lorraine’s work here:,


Featured Artist for June: Clare Lewis

Clare Lewis is a freelance illustrator working in Bristol, England. She
enjoys working with paper and lino print, and while she often creates her work digitally, Clare appreciates the hand-made approach. Clare has a passion for depicting nature and this subject usually drives her personal work. Clare has worked for Penguin Random House, Ceramictopia, Link Publishing and Project Calm Magazine, among others, and has recently become the newest member of the team at Squarebird as a graphic designer. See more of Clare’s work here:,


Featured Artist for May: Annie Howe

Annie Howe is the artist behind Annie Howe Papercuts, located in Baltimore, Maryland. She founded Annie Howe Papercuts in 2010, creating handmade papercuts for businesses, publications and private collections. Her illustrations are easily recognized in many branding and publishing initiatives. See more of Annie’s work here:,


Featured Artist for April: Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie Dickson is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration in her everyday experiences. Although she has a wide range of artistic interests, her true passions are watercolor painting and hand-lettered designs. She currently resides in Plano, Texas, with her husband and two children. Jeannie’s designs can be found on Instagram @honeybopsdesigns.



Featured Artist for March: Jon Schiller

Jon Schiller’s passion for drawing began in early childhood. His grandfather recognized his talent and encouraged him. After graduating from the Ringling College of Art & Design with an illustration degree, he focused primarily on graphic design. In 2014, his daughter’s birth inspired him to begin drawing for himself again. Though he creates in numerous mediums, he finds working with ink or markers to be the most enjoyable. See more of Josh’s work at here:



Featured Artist for February: Jenna Weaver

Jenna Weaver is an ink artist focusing on line work that billows and flows across paper. Each piece is a practice of patience and spontaneity. Her art focuses on portraits, patterns, and locations, infused with intricate line work and moiré interferences


Featured Artist for January: Meaghan Willis

Meaghan willis owns and operates Lucky13 Letters, a hand-lettering and calligraphy company based in the Memphis area. See more of Meaghan’s work here: Letters


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