Print Hammermill™ App

With the new Print Hammermill™ App, you can print wherever you go– at home, in the office, at school, or when you travel.
Easy. Free. Convenient.

Put WiFi to Work for Printing!

Tired of looking for cables when you want to print something? Print Hammermill™ App makes printing easier wherever you go. Now you can print directly from your phone or tablet. Keep up with your homework by printing assignments and emails from your phone, or print out a new recipe from your tablet while you watch your favorite cooking show!


From Our Reviewers

“Perfect! Worked flawlessly, no upgrade necessary to use. Nice to have free access to print important information needed thank you!”

Robert Jaquint

“I have been searching for over 5 years ever since my Blackberry for a free mobile printer app. that lets you print from Android directly to Wi-Fi printer. Finally…found the very best… Print Hammermill app. Prints quickly and efficiently for free with lots of Settings, Options….just for that,. from now on.. All my paper products will be Hammermill. period.. Thank you.”

AUGUST 30, 2014
Don Co

“This has to be the singularly GREATEST app I’ve ever downloaded on my android tablet! I have a Canon printer and it works fast and flawlessly. There aren’t enough stars to rate this incredible app! VERY well done!”

Richard Brown

What to Know

Print Hammermill™ App is free.
We believe printing should be easy, convenient and available no matter where you are. It’s a mobile printing solution available today on Android and iPhone platforms, and offers the best and broadest functionality in the marketplace.

Print Hammermill™ App – Basic Overview
Learn more about the Print Hammermill™ App for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

How Can I Connect?

If you can connect to a WiFi network, and a printer is discoverable on the WiFi network, Print Hammermill should be able to print to it.

iPhones Connect Via:

  • WiFi
  • Google Cloud

Android Device Include:

  • WiFi
  • Google Cloud
  • Windows Shared
  • Bluetooth
  • USB

What Can I Print?

iPhones will print Microsoft Office documents, images, photos, emails and attachments, and web pages. Android will print all of those plus contacts, file browsing, calendar, call log and text messages.

What If I Need Help?

Because the connection types vary by mobile platform, please take a look at the help section in the Print Hammermill™ App.


Print Hammermill™ App was developed by Dynamix Software specifically for Hammermill. For any Print Hammermill™ support needs, please contact Dynamix Software directly via email at or by phone at +1 (650) 741-1323. (Dynamix Software is a leader in mobile applications development. For more information on Dynamix, visit

In some cases, network printers are limited by security settings. If you cannot connect to the printers, you can still print with Print Hammermill™ App via Google Cloud Print. For more information on Google Cloud print visit

Print Hammermill™ App – Feel Free to Print
Ever been frustrated by trying to print from your phone?
See if this seems familiar.