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Why choose Hammermill® paper?

Quality made in the U.S.

For well over a century, we’ve taken a scientific approach to developing high-quality paper that looks fantastic, performs at the highest level and works every single time.

Hammermill paper

Made right for every job

While making quality paper is extremely important to us, what’s just as important is the process behind how it’s made. Hammermill products are made with renewable resources from sustainably managed forests. Our focus on quality is also a focus on performance and features — all to ensure anything and everything printed on our paper looks first-rate.
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    Thanks to this technology, ink dries faster (preventing smudges and smears), black ink appears bolder and colors are more vivid.
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    Using a quality paper can also be a real time-saver. Who has time for paper jams or wrinkled or smeared printing? Hammermill papers are engineered and tested to work well, every time. And they're backed with our 99.99% JAM-FREE® guarantee.

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    All Hammermill paper is FSC® or SFI® certified, which means you can be confident all of our lines are made with renewable resources from renewable resources from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled pulp. It’s how you can feel just as good about our paper as you do about the work that’s presented on it.

Reliability in every sheet

A quality paper is defined by how it looks and by how it performs. It’s why our team of scientists, chemical engineers and expert technicians complete up to 1,000 tests every day — on all kinds of equipment — to make sure our papers perform at the highest level. We love paper, but even more than that, we love what people like you do with it.

Whether it's a presentation, a résumé or a birthday card, quality paper makes your work look better and feel better. And people can really tell the difference. Showing your efforts at their best also shows that you take pride in them. Because when your work looks good, you look good.

Get started

There’s a Hammermill paper that’s just right for any job, task, assignment, report or craft. Explore all of our lines and get paired with your perfect paper below.

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