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An educational partnership

The North American Forest Foundation (NAFF) exists to nurture the next generation through education, changing hearts and minds about the importance of sustainable forestry and wood products. Hammermill is teaming up with the NAFF to educate the most important audience of all — school kids across the country.

Young people should know that sustainably sourced paper doesn’t deplete forests, but preserves and renews them.

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Teaching the truth about trees

Hammermill paper is excited to partner with the NAFF in producing their science-based Truth About Trees kit. Together, we hope to educate more than 75,000 students across North America about the importance of sustainable forestry and wood products. After all, these students will become tomorrow’s stewards of our forests.

Sustainability matters

When you choose Hammermill paper, the sustainably managed working forests we source from are protected from development. That means the trees we use continue to be harvested and regrown in an ever-renewable cycle. And excess carbon in the atmosphere continues to be captured and stored in our forests. In short, your choice does make a difference.
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