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Our commitment to sustainability

At Hammermill® we believe that environmental responsibility is much more than a commitment on paper. Our commitment is our paper.
And our commitment to sustainable production is more than sheet deep. With dedicated commitments commitments to reforestation and water use reduction, Hammermill is leading the way towards 100% sustainable production for all paper producers.

Paper Made Right for the planet

Paper can be good for the environment. That is, when it is paper made right.

Many people think using paper kills trees. The reality is, using paper that is sourced from sustainably managed working forests, like Hammermill, ensures forest land for future generations.

Trees are a renewable resource.

When you choose Hammermill, you are encouraging responsible forest management and helping sequester more carbon in the process.

Hammermill makes it easy for people to feel good when they choose and use the only paper that’s made right for their businesses, their communities, and their planet.

Making sustainable paper is our history, our core business, and our future.

A future with healthy and abundant forests.

Our entire business depends upon the sustainability of forests. We will continue to lead the world in responsible forest stewardship to ensure a healthy and productive forest ecosystem for generations to come.

A future with sustainable communities.

To support our local communities, Hammermill paper is produced here in the United States. And being born and grown in the USA is more than a point of pride for Hammermill—it’s a point of pride for our local communities. The Hammermill brand has and continues to help employ thousands of Americans across the nation, supporting local economies and generations of American farmers, workers, and everyday families.

A future with renewable solutions.

Hammermill ensures that its fiber and other natural resources come from responsible, sustainable sources. In fact, all Hammermill paper is FSC® or SFI® certified which means they are made with renewable resources from third-party certified, sustainably managed forests and/or recycled pulp. 

A future with sustainable operations.

Most of the forests we source from are privately owned, working forests. Providing forest landowners with an economic incentive to continue the sustainable cycle of harvesting and regrowing trees helps to keep forests healthy and thriving.

Hammermill partners with organizations that help make their sustainability goals possible.


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