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Making your brand look its best starts with great planning.

Delicious meals at your fingertips

Making great meals comes down to having the right ingredients, time, and a tried and trusted recipe. But sometimes just finding the recipe is a job on its own. The hardest part of cooking should not be finding the recipe. With these helpful recipe cards you can collect all of your best recipes into one place and organize them to make finding your favorites faster. Now you’re ready to get cooking!

Choose Your Style Download and print the recipe card template that fits your style. For our index-style templates Color Copy Digital Cover in 80lb is a thicker paper that works great. If you keep your recipes in a binder, try Hammermill Fore® Multi-Purpose 3-hole punch paper for our letter size templates.

Sizes include:

  • 3 x 5in index style
  • 4 x 6in index style
  • 8.5 x 11in

Happy Cooking!

Your project's perfect paper

  • img-400x400_8.5x11_PCCC-1

    Premium Color Copy Cover

    Available in 60-lb., 80-lb. and 100-lb. sheets, this durable cover-weight paper is designed for color copiers and laser printers.


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