Top 4 Ways to Reuse Paper in Your Garden


Paper can be used in your garden in multiple ways. Not only can you add it to a composting pile, you can also use it in your garden beds for moisture retention, and to help block out weeds from invading your no-dig garden beds. Read below for our top tips on reusing paper in your garden.

Create a sustainable garden by composting and reusing paper. Get our Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Gardening here.

Use Shredded Paper as Mulch

You can use non-glossy paper as mulch. The first step is to shred the paper and then place the paper around your plants and on top of your soil. Shredded paper can be placed around shrubs and trees as well. This will help with moisture retention. The best part is, mulch made out of paper is free! Not only does it help your wallet, but it helps the environment as well.

Compost with Paper

Most paper materials are compostable, with printer paper being one of the easiest to compost. The only type to avoid putting in your compost pile is glossy paper. To compost paper, you must tear paper into smaller pieces before placing them into your pile. A paper shredder can make this process easier. Be sure to read the do’s and don’ts for backyard composting to learn more.

Make Plant Markers

Don’t lose track of where you plant your seeds! Make sure you use markers for each type of plant that you insert next to its corresponding row of seeds. You can also include the requirements for each plant. In this case, you will want to include information about fertilizing, harvesting time, etc.. Check out our printable plant marker templates here and learn how to make your own in our Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Gardening.

Make a Base for a Garden Bed

The base of a garden bed can be made out of paper, when it’s used in place of cardboard or newspaper. FYI, avoid using glossy papers for this project. First, layer the paper and make sure the sides overlap. You want your paper to be about .5cm thick. Next, spray the paper with water, and then layer your dirt and/or compost down on top of the paper. The paper will block weeds from growing up into your no-dig garden beds.

We hope these tips will help you reuse paper in your sustainable garden. Like to reuse and recycle? Check out our recycled papers here.

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