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Frequently asked questions

  • I want to buy Hammermill paper. What are my options?
    You can find buying options for each product listed in the Shop section of our site.
  • What types of projects is Hammermill paper best for?
    From proposals and business plans to lesson plans and recipe cards, Hammermill premium, multipurpose and everyday copy papers are designed for a range of business needs, classroom tasks and at-home fun. Check out our activities and templates for ideas and inspiration.
  • How do I know which Hammermill paper is right for me?
    Unsure which Hammermill paper is the best choice for your project or application? Use our Paper Match tool and we’ll help you find the right fit.
  • May I subscribe to receive weekly, monthly or quarterly deliveries of Hammermill?
    Yes! You have the option to add a subscription to your account at any time. Learn how to subscribe and save.
  • I need to update my account information, update an online order or check on my order status.
    Visit your account to review your orders or update your information any time.
  • Does Hammermill offer recycled paper?
    Yes! Hammermill Great White® 30 is made with 30% post-consumer fiber and is SFI® certified. 
  • Is Hammermill produced sustainably?
    We’re proud of the fact that we make the highest quality imaging paper available and that we do it sustainably. All our papers are made with renewable resources (trees!) from sustainably managed forests. Supporting the responsible management of working forests helps to ensure healthy forest ecosystems for generations to come. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.
  • Where is Hammermill paper made?
    We’re proud to be the leading mill-brand paper in North America, and we make all our paper right here in the United States. We’ve been providing jobs and income to our local communities for 120 years and counting. Learn more about Hammermill.
  • I’d like to work with you! Where can I find open jobs?
    Hammermill is a Sylvamo brand, and working at Sylvamo means you’ll be helping to sustain and renew ecosystems while delivering on the promise of paper to educate, communicate and entertain the world. Interested in being part of our mission? View our open positions. 
  • Tell me more about Sylvamo.
    Sylvamo is The World’s Paper Company. We believe that the future of paper deserves a company committed to the success of the entire ecosystem, and our purpose is to produce the paper the world relies on in the most responsible and sustainable ways. Learn more about Sylvamo.

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