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Hammermill® Information Central

Get detailed product information and specifications for each type and variety of paper we offer.


  • Hammermill SKU detail list

    An extensive list of the Hammermill portfolio in a convenient excel document.

Sell sheets

Premium Paper

Featuring increased weight, maximum brightness and superior color reproduction, our premium papers make your work look its very best.
  • Premium Color Copy Sell Sheet

    Premium Color Copy

    A brighter, heavier and smoother high-tech sheet designed for important customer-facing documents.

  • Premium Color Copy Cover Sell Sheet

    Premium Color Copy Cover

    A durable cover-weight sheet designed for the heat and heavy application of toner while producing rich color documents.

  • Premium Laser Print

    Premium Laser Print

    Designed to produce sharp, clear images on all laser-based printing equipment. Available in three weights to suit all of your premium printing needs.

Multi-Purpose Paper

The multi-purpose line is great for jobs that demand double-sided printing or use minimal color.
  • Premium Multi-Purpose Sell Sheet

    Premium Multi-Purpose

    This versatile high-brightness sheet has a blue-white shade, heavy basis weight, and is designed to provide optimal performance with all office equipment.

  • Fore Multi-Purpose sell sheet

    Fore® Multi-Purpose

    This high-quality, multi-purpose paper has good opacity to minimize show-through.

  • Premium Inkjet & Laser Sell Sheet

    Premium Inkjet & Laser Print

    This 24 lb., high quality paper can stand up to heavy applications of ink or toner to produce documents that look great and stand out.

Everyday Paper

Our Everyday paper is perfect for simple, workaday documents printed in black-and-white.
  • Copy Plus Paper Sell Sheet

    Copy Plus®

    A high-quality printer and copy paper that offers dependable performance for your everyday black-and-white printing needs.

  • Tidal Paper Sell Sheet


    Provides consistent runnability and image quality on all office imaging equipment, making it a great everyday paper choice.

  • Copy Paper Sell Sheet


    An economical paper that offers dependable performance on all imaging equipment.

  • Great White Paper Sell Sheet

    Great White® 30

    A wonderful recycled paper option containing 30% PCW. This dependable, everyday sheet runs efficiently through all equipment.

  • Hammermill Copy Sell Sheet for Merchants

    Copy (Merchant Reference)

    An economical paper that offers dependable performance on all imaging equipment. Sell sheet designed for Paper Merchants.

  • Hammermill Express Pack Sell Sheet

    Express Pack

    It helps you to work smarter and finish faster. They weigh less, load faster, reduce waste and offer greater flexibility than traditional ream wrapped packaging. 

  • Hammermill Support Sizes Sell Sheet

    Support Sizes

    Includes legal size, ledger size, 3-hole punched, A4 and Express Pack products designed to coordinate with Hammermill Copy, Copy Plus® and Tidal®.


  • Colors Sell Sheet


    Available in nine pastel shades, our colors are perfect for color-coding and for adding a pop of color to your document.

  • Opaque Color Covers Sell Sheet

    Opaque Cover Colors

    Heavy-weight sheets designed to coordinate with Hammermill Colors or stand out boldly on their own.
  • Opaque Text Colors Sell Sheet

    Opaque Text Colors

    Include folio-size sheets and rolls in a variety of colors.  Coordinating cut-size sheets and select cover weight items are also available.


  • img-800x800_HAM Prem Cardstock S.Sheet

    Premium Cardstock

    Our heavyweight cardstock is sure to draw attention to any heavy duty project.


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